Mason Pearson Bristle & Nylon ( Pocket ) BN4 Hairbrush ( Dark )

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The Pocket Bristle and Nylon brush
featuring five rings of bristle and nylon bristles.

The Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush will
not cause split ends or irritation to the scalp and
will spread sebum evenly over the hair strands for
beautiful, healthy hair.

Mixture bristle/nylon hair brush.

Hair Type:
For short, course to normal hair.

Designed to distribute natural oils while exfoliating the scalp.

– Pure Bristle and Nylon Bristles
– 1885 original design
– Handle for comfort
– Handmade. Made in England.

173mm x 52mm – A pocket size

Developed and patented more than 100 years ago,
the Mason Pearson Hair Brush is the ultimate grooming tool.
Only the finest, premium-grade boar bristle, which is gentle
to the hair and scalp, is used. The patented pneumatic cushion
conforms to the contours of the scalp, which optimizes brushing
with minimal effort. This “Mixture” has a nylon “spike” to
facilitate brushing through thick, textured, or wavy hair,
yet may be used on all hair types.


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